Included in the Level 3 Bundle

Bundle includes the third level courses of our "Your Soul's Evolution" Curriculum, a guide to prepare for meditation and a guided meditation to balance the masculine and feminine energies. It also includes a bonus series on the realms of consciousness with five interviews on visionaries in the field..

The Energy Body & the Quantum Field

What is the Energy Body and how does it relate to & connect to the Physical Body? Where do the chakras fit in? And how can better understanding the Energy Body, the Chakras & the multidimensional layers in the quantum field help us create more balance, serenity and well-being in our life? How can we use the knowledge for self-healing and helping others? Go on a journey with us in this powerful course that will lead you into the world of quantum and the biofield, alternative healing methods, the Energy Body and our chakras. Here, ancient wisdom and the esoteric meet science and the practical.

Your Soul Revealed

The Soul has been a debated topic of every philosopher, sage, mage, spiritual teacher and thinker for thousands of years. What is the soul? And, how does a better understanding the soul provide us with a more fluid and expansive way to live our lives?

Learn about the multidimensional nature of our soul as well as how it plays into the Energy Body, our Chakra System and more.

Ancient Wisdom from the Masters

Expand your awareness and deepen your levels of consciousness. This powerful library gives you access to 85 videos (over 22 hours) of channeled wisdom across a wide range of topics, from the Soul, the Akashic Records, timelines and quantum healing to the Energy Body, the Chakras, sacred geometry and much much more.

The channeled content is from the Ascended Masters, Yeshua, Magdalene, Metatron and Melchizedek.

Blue Soul Chats: Realms of Consciousness Series

This is a series of Blue Soul Chats with powerful voices in the areas of consciousness across a variety of disciplines: from philosophy and music to science, Buddhism, ancient wisdom and beyond.

What do realms of consciousness mean to you? in this series of Blue Soul Chats, we explore the meaning of consciousness, spiritual awakening, realms, dimensions and the science behind it.

Your Soul's Evolution: Level 3 Bundle

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Frequency Asked Questions

  • How is Your Soul's Curriculum different than your other offerings?

    Your Soul's Curriculum is a structured program that follows a recommended order of experiencing the courses. Why? Our guides took us through the same order when teaching us about your soul's journey and elevated consciousness. Of course, you can take them individually in whatever order you wish, but taking them as part of Your Soul's Evolution is part of a certification program.

  • What does certification mean?

    Receiving certification acknowledges that you have completed each of these courses in the Your Soul's Evolution program. The Certificate of Completion is accredited by the International Association of Therapists. This also makes you eligible for a discounted membership as well if of interest to you.

  • Will I be able to re-take the course again after I finish?

    The course will be available to re-take as often as you wish for up to three years.