About this Offering

Expand your awareness and deepen your levels of consciousness. This powerful library gives you access to 85 videos (over 22 hours) of channeled wisdom across a wide range of topics, from the Soul, the Akashic Records, timelines and quantum healing to the Energy Body, the Chakras, sacred geometry and much much more.

The channeled content is from the Ascended Masters, Yeshua, Magdalene, Metatron and Melchizedek.

Your Guides

Renee & Anthony

As founders of Blue Soul Earth®, Renee & Anthony are dedicated to igniting global consciousness & teach about heart-centered living. Together, they act as vessels for transformative channeling of ancient knowledge, wisdom and healing through events, workshops, Study with Spirit® courses, the Blue Soul MASTERS™ course and leading sacred retreats globally. They are both Reiki Solas & Holy Fire Reiki masters and incorporate sound healing, Prana Yana breath work and martial arts disciplines into their work. Renee and Anthony have led workshops, roundtables and spoken at major conferences and events around the world. They are also authors of six books on spirituality, travel, and consciousness.

What You'll Discover...

Isn't it time to dedicate time for your personal growth, so you can live your dream with ease-and-grace? Expand your awareness and deepen your layers of consciousness.

In this vast library of 85 videos (and 22+ hours of channeled content), you'll tune into ancient wisdom about the spiritual journey.

How do you tap into your Higher Self's wisdom bank? How do you get more clarity on your soul's journey? What can past/future information tell us about our purpose? What are quantum realities and how do they affect "truth" as we understand it?

Is there truth at all?

Are we real?

Is the planet that we inhabit real?

Are we projections or illusions?

Is the world we perceive an illusion?

How can we unplug from the mass consciousness and the fear grid and access the inner love, wisdom and beauty that make us up a energy beings having a human experience?

And, who are we really?

  • Why the spiritual path needs to start with self-love and how better understanding the "how" can open up channels beyond your linear comprehension...

  • Discover what sacred geometry and numbers can teach us about our soul's journey...

  • What to do when the dark night of the soul comes to you and what it can teach you...

  • Learn about the soul and its relationship to the energy and physical bodies.

  • How to manifest all you desire using simple practices -- what the abundance field really feels like...

  • Why & how aligning your chakras can create more serenity, peace and balance in your life...

  • The art of channeling and how to open up to that hidden part of you, to access the All That Is. To access the universe that lies within you. To truly know and live from the I am who I am YOU...

  • Discover best practices on purification and ways to connect to your Higher Self; start creating your own canvas for your life's journey, not live someone else's dream...

Channeled Wisdom by Topic

  • 1

    Before You Begin...

    • How to Navigate this Offering through the Platform!

    • Questions Before You Get Started

    • Intentions Before You Get Started...

  • 2

    Terms of Use, Disclosure, Consent, Medical Waiver & Disclaimers

    • The Terms of Use: Medical Waiver, Consent & Disclaimers

  • 3

    Meet Your Guides...

    • Meet Blue Soul Earth® Founders: Renee & Anthony

  • 4

    On Love , Serenity & Connection..

    • Self Love: It Starts Here

    • Solace & Serenity During Turbulent Times

    • Kuan Yin & Compassion

    • Loving All That Is, As It Is

    • The Ascended Masters on Love

    • NOTES

  • 5

    On Consciousness & Awakening States...

    • What & Where is Consciousness?

    • The Art of Channeling

    • Who are Spirit Guides? How do you Connect to Them?

    • Accessing Spirit Guides During Turbulent Times

    • Individuality & Oneness as Universal Consciousness

    • How to Disengage from Fear!

    • Shamanic States of Consciousness

    • Unity Consciousness & Timelines

    • Gaia & Her Extraordinary Consciousness...

    • Psychedelics & Their Role in Awakening

    • The Void & Unity Consciousness

    • The Ascended Masters Address Washington Protests

    • The Ascended Masters on Political Transitions & Uncertainty

    • Resources: Reality & Illusions

    • NOTES

  • 6

    On the Quantum Field & Healing...

    • The Recalibration of Humanity's DNA & Beyond!

    • The Coronavirus - A Spiritual Perspective

    • The Quantum Field as a Healing Consciousness

    • We are the Universe!

    • Understanding the Holographic Universe & Beyond!

    • Exploring Timelines & Quantum Realities

    • The Human Akash & Other Dimensions

    • The Ripple Effect in the Universe

    • Quantum Consciousness & Fields

    • Exercise: Multidimensionality

    • Testing Your Knowledge: Channeling, Quantum & the Universe

    • Resources: Linear vs Quantum

  • 7

    On the Soul, Chakras & the Energy Body...

    • What is the Soul?

    • How Does the Soul Relate to the Energy Body?

    • Discover the Power of Bioenergy

    • Your Soul's Plan & Journey

    • Understanding Chakra Frequencies & Our DNA

    • Aligning & Balancing Your Chakras

    • The Chakras & the Merkabah Body

    • The Soul & the Akashic Records

    • Testing Your Knowledge: The Human Body

    • Testing Your Knowledge: The Energy Body

    • Testing Your Knowledge: Chakras, Micro-Chakras & Beyond

    • Testing Your Knowledge: Frequencies, Vibrations & Energy

    • Testing Your Knowledge: The Soul & Tools to Connect

    • Our Chakras & Hertz: JPG (Download)

    • Viewing the Chakras in Layers

    • Resources on the Chakras

    • Chakras & our Organs: JPG (Download)

    • Questions to Ponder: Emotions & our Energetic Bodies

    • NOTES

  • 8

    On Balance & Well-Being...

    • Ten Ways to Live a Holistic & Balanced Life

    • Getting our Brain to a Happy, Joyful State

    • The Awakened & Enlightened Brain

    • Have you lost a loved one from Covid? What does it mean from a soul perspective?

    • Vaccines: The Impact on our Energy Bodies

    • Vastu Shastra for Harmony & Balance

    • The Quality of Your Breath is the Quality of Your Life

    • The Field of Resonance & its Relationship to Wellness

    • The Connection Between our Emotional & Physical States

    • The Power of Stillness in our Lives!

    • Understanding Energy as a "Field"

    • Moving Beyond Covid

    • How Slowing Down Resets Our Grids

    • Spiritual Awakening, Channeling, Sound Healing & Beyond

    • "Doing" in "Awakened States"

    • Stretching & Soft Martial Arts Exercises

    • Meditation & Stillness Reflection Exercise

    • Sound for Healing

    • Testing Your Knowledge: Healing Oneself & Others

    • NOTES

  • 9

    On Ancient Wisdom...

    • The Lost Art of Magic

    • Portals to Elemental & Mystical Realms!

    • Being Guided by Indigenous Wisdom

    • The Field of Abundance & Prosperity

    • The Power of Being Present!

    • Life Lessons & Ancient Wisdom

    • What is Suffering? What is Reality?

    • Exploring Life's Questions...

    • A Blueside Chat About Lemuria & Atlantis

    • The Difference Between Seraphim & Angelic Energies

    • The Sacred-ness of Wine

    • Ancient Wisdom with a Modern Twist

  • 10

    On Sacred Geometry & Numbers...

    • Our Words & Minds as "Transmitters"

    • The Power of Sacred Numbers

    • Merging Numerology, Angels and Manifestation

    • The Meaning Behind Shapes & Symbols in our Lives

    • Channeling Melchizedek, a Seraphim Energy

    • Sacred Geometry Meets Nature & Viruses

    • Melchizedek: Universal Structure & Order

    • Channeling Metatron, a Seraphim Energy

    • The Secret Wisdom of Codes & Language

    • Solfeggio Frequencies Resources

    • Sacred Geometry Book Resources

    • Sacred Geometry Oracle Decks

  • 11

    Yeshua, Mary Magdalene & the Divine Masculine & Feminine...

    • Channeling Yeshua - Who He Represented 2,000 Years Ago

    • Channeling Yeshua on Awareness & Being Present

    • The Energy of Mary Magdalene Returns

    • Magdalene on Consciousness

    • Magdalene on the Chain of Events in Afganistan

    • The Ascensed Masters on Karma

    • Channeling Yeshua on Parable 89

    • Yeshua Channeling on Parable 112

    • Channeling Mary Magdalene: Her Voice

    • Channeling Yeshua on Masculine & Feminine Balance

    • Balancing the Divine Masculine & Feminine Within

    • Love is the Glue that Connects Humanity & Universes

    • Channeling Yeshua & Magdalene

    • Guided Meditation: Balancing the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

    • Masculine & Feminine Traits (Download)

  • 12

    Useful Resources

    • Blue Soul Earth® Resources

    • Resources, Books & Thoughts (attached PDF)