Gnostic Mysticism with Yeshua & Magdalene

A Channeling Experience...

Rather than a traditional course that follows a curriculum, we dive into the Gnostic Teachings through a number of channeled videos with Yeshua and Magdalene.

What were their original teachings from over 2,000 years ago? We explore the Inner Gnosis and Noetic Intuitive Wisdom that we all have access to as human beings.

With this deeper understanding, we can also learn how to tap into quantum field for additional knowledge and for healing.

This Study with Spirit® experience is set up differently -- there are less written exercises and structured teachings which "technically" translates to less lessons, but its packed with a lot more pure channeled content.

What You'll Discover

The truth is that Science and Spirituality are coming closer together every day and even renowned teachers and visionaries are speaking about non-duality, quantum realities and unseen energies at conferences and events. Books are pouring into the market, however, do any of us truly understand the quantum world?

Ironically, ancient sages, masters and spiritual masters like Buddha, Mohammed and Yeshua understood that unseen field even though they didn't have the name "quantum" to describe it. Our indigenous elders understood (and still do) the same thing.

Through these channeled teachings, you'll learn about a nearly forgotten truth: the inner gnosis truth which is that we are connected to the All That Is, we are not separate from God, the Goddess, Allah, the Cosmic Soup, Universal Consciousness, the Force, the Field, or whatever name you wish to give to that Higher Power.

Join us for over 3 hours of teachings through videos, content & teachings.

  • The Power Lies Within: how do we access it & ignite it to serve us in our daily lives?

  • A Deeper Understanding of Gnostic Teachings: the internal compass, the YOU gnosis, the noetic wisdom, the oneness aspect of your Authentic Self.

  • Yeshua's Parables: how can we find meaning in his ancient sayings?

  • We all have Intuitive Gifts: what is blocking them? how to move beyond them.

  • Heart-Centered Teaching & Living: how to lead from your heart for your daily decision making.

  • Why Love is the most Powerful Force in the Universe & beyond...

  • Oneness & Unity Consciousness: how Yeshua & Magdalene's teachings countered what religions later taught.

Your Guides

Meet Renee & Anthony

As founders of Blue Soul Earth®, Renee & Anthony are dedicated to igniting global consciousness & teach about heart-centered living. Together, they act as vessels for transformative channeling of ancient knowledge, wisdom and healing through events, workshops, YOUR SOUL'S EVOLUTION™ curriculum, Study with Spirit® courses, the Blue Soul MASTERS™ course and leading sacred retreats. They are both Reiki Solas & Holy Fire Reiki masters and incorporate sound healing, Prana Yana breath work and martial arts disciplines into their work. Renee and Anthony have led workshops, round tables and spoken at major conferences and events around the world. They are also authors of six books on spirituality, travel and consciousness.

Overview of Your Channeling Experience

  • 1

    Before You Begin!

    • How to Navigate the Teachings through this Platform

    • Questions Before You Get Started

  • 2

    Disclosure, Waivers & Consent

    • Terms of Use, Medical Waiver, Disclaimers & Consent

    • Agreement to Terms of Use, Medical Waiver, Disclaimers & Consent

  • 3

    Channelers Renee & Anthony

    • Meet Blue Soul Earth® Founders: Renee & Anthony

    • Message from Renee & Anthony

  • 4

    The Gnostic Way

    • The Gnostic Gospels & Teachings

    • Resources: Gnostic Teachings & Wisdom

  • 5

    Curriculum Overview: How This Differs from our Other Courses

    • What Sets This Course Apart

    • Curriculum: An Overview

  • 6

    Wisdom with Yeshua

    • Grounding & Connecting with Yeshua

    • Yeshua's Parables: Were they truly his sayings?

    • Yeshua on Parable 89

    • Yeshua on Parable 112

    • Yeshua on Awareness

    • Does the Personality/Ego Evolve in its Human Form?

    • Are Experiences the Ways the Soul Becomes More Conscious?

    • The Conscious, the Subconscious & Unknowing

    • Animals, Souls & Consciousness

    • The Evolution of Consciousness

    • Are we the Projection of God/Goddess Rediscovering "Itself" Again?

    • Is Disease Part of a "Soul's Contract"? Can we Turn Illness Around?

    • Yeshua Speaks about the Disciples

    • Yeshua on the Soul's Evolvement

    • Yeshua Explains Circles & Light

    • Yeshua on DNA: How does it change from Lifetime to Lifetime?

    • Yeshua on Fear

    • Yeshua Explains the Trinity

    • Yeshua on Fasting & Just "Being"

    • Yeshua on Light

    • Yeshua on the Meaning of Holy Spirit

    • What is the "Christ Consciousness?"

    • Yeshua Explains the "Cursing of the Fig Tree" Reference

    • An Understanding of Lucifer: Why the Negative Portrayal?

    • Yeshua on Oneness

    • Yeshua on the Masculine & Feminine Balance "Shift"

    • Understanding a Kundalini Awakening

    • What is your Prime Source Energy?

    • Yeshua on Oneness & Unification

    • On Light Language

    • Yeshua on the Crucifixion

    • Yeshua on the Debts & Sins of Humanity

  • 7

    Wisdom with Mary Magdalene

    • Who was Mary Magdalene Really?

    • Miriam of Magdala & Her Energy: Why is it returning now?

    • Magdalene's Voice: What Does it Represent?

    • Magdalene on Afghanistan & Afghan Women

    • Magdalene on Consciousness

    • Why do we Forget from Lifetime to Lifetime?

    • Can you Speak to other "Life" Beyond this Planet?

    • Magdalene on the Essenes

    • Is it Enough just to Shine Brighter Rather than Sharing with Others?

    • Magdalene on Fear as a Vibration

    • Magdalene on "Being" vs "Action" in Community

    • Magdalene on Angels: Do They Have Souls?

    • Magdalene on Collective Consciousness

    • Magdalene on the Feminine

    • How Does our Consciousness Evolve?

  • 8

    Magdalene’s Sisters™

    • Magdalene’s Sisters™ Membership Program

    • A Message from Renee, Co-Founder of Blue Soul Earth® & Magdalene's Sisters™

  • 9

    Magdalene & Yeshua

    • Yeshua & Magdalene as One!

    • On Humanity's Perceived Separatism

    • How did you work with the Animal & Plant Kingdoms?

    • Do Animals "Cross Over"? Do they have Souls?

    • Do Angels have Souls? How do they Differ?

    • As our Consciousness Evolves, should any Teachings be Discarded?

    • On the Transition to an Earth with an Expanded Consciousness

    • What is the Energy of the Sophia Wisdom?

    • Magdalene on Passion

    • Let's Talk About Orbs

    • The "Oneness" Consciousness

  • 10

    Your Soul SPEAKS!

    • Straight to the Heart on the Soul

  • 11

    Parting Thoughts & Resources

    • Blue Soul Earth® Resources