About the Course

Manifest through Spirit focuses on Abundance and Prosperity, but not just our financial situation in life.

In fact, when we Manifest through Spirit, we begin to work with the energy of the Universe, the All That Is. From that place, everything we desire flows to us with ease and grace. We create our realities each moment of every day, so are you ready to create rather than stifle? Manifest rather than sabotage? Flow with the abundance of Universal Consciousness? Then Join us!

What You'll Learn...

Discover abundance in its purest form. In other words, when we realize we are not separate from all living things including nature and even the stars, then we start to show up in a different way, from a place of gratitude, living in the present moment. We stop seeking from "out there" and go inward to where the real magic lies. Vibrationally, we begin to resonate with different things (and people) and from that place, we begin to attract abundance in all of its forms to us, like a magnet (literally).

After all, we are energy beings and once we move away from our linear thinking of separation, unity consciousness becomes us and we become "it" -- the All. You may have heard: As Above, So Below, but do you truly understand it?

Go on a journey with us into alternate realities, parallel universes and multidimensional energies and start manifesting with ease and grace.

  • Identity, Belief Systems & their Implications

  • Shadows, Karma & Trauma: Real or Illusion?

  • The Power of Language & their Impact on our Reality

  • Non-Verbal Communication & its Influence on Manifestation

  • What is Reality & What is Illusion? Why Knowing Matters

  • Purpose, Creativity & Intentions: What Role do they Play?

  • Gratitude & the Present Moment: A Field that Shifts Everything

  • Protection, Grounding & How to Connect to other Dimensions

  • The Role of Visualization: Does it really work?

  • Allowing, Being, Connecting to Universal Consciousness and more...

Your Instructors

About Renee & Anthony

As founders of Blue Soul Earth®, Renee & Anthony are dedicated to igniting global consciousness & teach about heart-centered living. Together, they act as vessels for transformative channeling of ancient knowledge, wisdom and healing through events, workshops, YOUR SOUL'S EVOLUTION™ curriculum, Study with Spirit® courses, the Blue Soul MASTERS™ course and leading sacred retreats. They are both Reiki Solas & Holy Fire Reiki masters and incorporate sound healing, Prana Yana breath work and martial arts disciplines into their work. Renee and Anthony have led workshops, round tables and spoken at major conferences and events around the world. They are also authors of six books on spirituality, travel and consciousness.

What's Included...

The course consists of a combination of video lessons, channeling from Renee & Anthony's "guides," written lessons, exercises, reflections, and more.

You'll be pushed to step beyond your comfort zone in various areas of your life, including your belief systems, your conditioning and your traditional linear way of thinking about your world view, including your role in it.

There is also a quiz which is broken down into sections at the end to test your learning as well. Additionally, we provide some useful resources along the way.

Here are some of the things we have included in the Manifest Through Spirit course. If you need clarity on anything, let us know.

Ready to get started?

  • Video Lessons on the core topics covered in Manifest Through Spirit

  • Written Lessons that push you to get really honest with your belief systems & commitment to move beyond your comfort zone

  • Exercises throughout the course include a combination of reflections and visualization

  • A Guide to creating a Visualization Journal & Board

  • Carefully curated Resources & Book Recommendations on the various topics covered throughout the course

  • Once you have completed 2 core courses from Your Soul's Evolution™ Curriculum, you receive a Certificate for Level 1 of Study with Spirit®

  • A 55 Page Downloadable Manifest Through Spirit Workbook

  • Grounding & Protection Techniques Downloadable PDF

  • Guided Meditation to help you get into the Flow

  • A Quiz at the end to test your learning

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Before We Begin!

    • How to Navigate the Course through this Platform

    • A Few Questions Before We Start

  • 2

    Terms of Use, Medical Waivers, Consent & Disclaimers

    • Terms of Use: Consent, Medical Waivers & Disclaimers

    • Agreement to Terms of Use, Medical Waiver, Disclaimers & Consent

  • 3

    Introducing Your Instructors

    • Meet Blue Soul Earth® Founders: Renee & Anthony

    • Message from Renee & Anthony

  • 4

    Introduction: An Overview

    • Introduction to Manifest Through Spirit, a Study with Spirit® Course

    • Intentions for the Course

  • 5

    Curriculum Overview

    • Chapters & Topics We Will Cover in Order

  • 6

    WORKBOOK: Manifest Through Spirit

    • Download your 55 Page Manifest Through Spirit Workbook

  • 7

    CHAPTER 1: Defining Identity: Who am I?

    • Lesson 1: Identity & Belief Systems

    • Exercise: Belief Systems & the Proverbial "I"

    • Lesson 2: Self Love & The Mirror

    • Mirror Reflection Exercise: Getting Honest

    • Lesson 3: Self Love & Silent Time

    • Exercise: Commitment to YOU!

    • Lesson 4: Guided Meditation: Expanding Your Awareness

    • Reflection Exercise

    • Resources on The "Self"

  • 8

    CHAPTER 2: Shadows & Karma

    • Lesson 5: Our Relationship to Shadows & Karma

    • Lesson 6: Mary Magdalene on Karma

    • Lesson 7: Exercise: Undoing My "Stuff"

    • Resources: Trauma & Karma

  • 9

    CHAPTER 3: On Purpose & Gratitude

    • Lesson 8: Our Intentions & Purpose

    • Reflection Exercise: The Power of Intentions

    • Lesson 9: The Magic of a Gratitude Journal

    • Resources: Gratitude & Love

  • 10

    CHAPTER 4: Communication as a Vehicle

    • Lesson 10: The Power of Language

    • Lesson 11: Self Reflection Exercise: Language

    • Lesson 12: Non-Verbal Communication Part 1

    • Lesson 13: Non-Verbal Communication Part 2

    • Communication: Where are you?

    • Lesson 14: On Awareness

    • Manifest with Ease & Grace Exercise

    • Useful Resources

  • 11

    CHAPTER 5: Protection & Grounding

    • Lesson 15: Protection & Grounding

    • Lesson 16: Useful Shielding & Grounding Techniques: PDF

    • Creating Your Own Methods

    • Protection Resources

  • 12

    CHAPTER 6: Creative Flow in the Field

    • Lesson 17: In-the-Field vs Out-of-the-Field

    • In-the-Field Commitments

    • Blue Soul Creativity Workbook (Download)

    • Lesson 18: Creativity & Being in the Flow

    • Exercise: Tapping into Your Passion

    • Resources: Lessons from a Master

  • 13

    CHAPTER 7: Visualization & Manifestation in Practice

    • Lesson 19: The Power of Visualization

    • Lesson 20: Guided Meditation: Being in Flow

    • Lesson 21: Why Visualization Works

    • Lesson 22: Useful Visualization Techniques

    • Lesson 23: Preparation: Visualization Journal & Board

    • An Exercise in Inner Joy

    • Lesson 24: EXERCISE: Your Visualization Board

    • Lesson 25: Visualization Board Recap

    • Reflection Exercise

  • 14

    CHAPTER 8: One with Universal Consciousness

    • Lesson 26: Exercise: A Check from the Universe

    • Lesson 27: Allowing & Being

    • Lesson 28: Connecting to Universal Consciousness

    • Lesson 29: Getting to Oneness

    • Resources: The All That Is

  • 15

    CHAPTER 9: It's a Wrap

    • Lesson 30: Recap & Moving Beyond

    • Parting Thoughts & Words

    • Blue Soul Earth® Resources

  • 16

    CHAPTER 10: QUIZ: Test Your Learning

    • Section 1: Identity, Conditioning, Shadows & Trauma

    • Section 2: Belief Systems, Purpose & Intentions

    • Section 3: Karma, Emotions & Gratitude

    • Section 4: Forms of Communication to "Get There"

    • Section 5: Faith, Trust & Ego

    • Section 6: Boundaries & Grounding

    • Section 7: Creativity, Flow & Visualization

    • Section 8: One with Universal Consciousness