Magdalene's Sisters™

Membership Program for Women

Join Magdalene's Sisters™, a monthly membership for women. We meet twice each month via Zoom on a morning (10:30 am PST) and an evening (6 pm PST). You can attend one or both, depending on your schedule.

It is designed for women who are on a spiritual journey and interested in deepening their levels of awareness and consciousness. It is also designed for those interested in an ongoing community of sisterhood. Sharing is followed by live channeling of Magdalene.


Membership Details

Magdalene’s Sisters™ is a monthly gathering of hearts designed for women from across all cultures, belief systems and parts of the world. We gather twice a month to connect, share and uplift other women so we can all be empowered to step into our true light, our purpose and speak our truth.

The membership is designed to serve as a sisterhood of sorts for the collective consciousness has more power than one. We're not meant to lead and serve single handedly — we're so much more powerful together. Why do it alone?

Hope to see meet you on your journey!

  • Twice a month meetings via Zoom (PST): one in the morning and one in the evening to accommodate people's busy schedules and different time zones in the world.

  • You can attend either meeting or both if your schedule allows; there's no need to choose one over the other.

  • Recorded replays of all meetings, so you can revisit them later if you missed a meeting or simply want to dive deeper into the teachings.

  • Sharing with other like-minded women also on a spiritual journey. You don't need to be a healer as your profession to participate in this group for Magdalene believed as do we, that everyone is a healer in their own unique way.

  • Access to the Blue Soul Earth® and Study with Spirit® communities. We hold live events via Zoom and lead sacred retreats around the world. We also teach a Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced Program once a year.

Who was Mary Magdalene?

Magdalene, otherwise known as Miriam of Magdala, Mary of Magdala or simply the Magdalene, was portrayed as a sinner and prostitute for nearly two thousand years. It was also believed that she was the partner/wife of Yeshua, otherwise known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Since 2016, she has been given a liturgical feast day to celebrate her life, and yet this mysterious woman who healed and taught alongside Yeshua has been misunderstood by academics, historians and theologians alike. Although her name has gained more recognition since the discovery of the Gnostic Gospels which includes the Gospel of Mary, little is still known about her life and teachings.

Perhaps you're intrigued by her life, feel drawn to her or simply feel the same fire that Magdalene exuded in her life. We hope you will join us!!

Renee & Anthony

As founders of Blue Soul Earth®, Renee & Anthony are dedicated to igniting global consciousness & teach about heart-centered living. Together, they act as vessels for transformative channeling of ancient knowledge, wisdom and healing through events, workshops, YOUR SOUL'S EVOLUTION™ curriculum, Study with Spirit® courses, the Blue Soul MASTERS™ course and leading sacred retreats. They are both Reiki Solas & Holy Fire Reiki masters and incorporate sound healing, Prana Yana breath work and martial arts disciplines into their work. Renee and Anthony have led workshops, round tables and spoken at major conferences and events around the world. They are also authors of six books on spirituality, travel and consciousness.