About Blue Soul IGNITE!™

with Yeshua...

As guides, facilitators, channelers, and healers, we tap into a universal consciousness which is "individualized" at times as Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene and other times as "collective" with the ascended masters.

We meet a couple of times a month (sometimes more) via Zoom. There's live channeling of Yeshua and an opportunity to ask questions, connect, participate in collective healing as well as receive darshan healings, and much more.

During sessions, you have the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about the ancient wisdom that ignites humanity's collective consciousness as well as how and where we can each serve as a bridge to contribute to the whole.

We believe that science & spirituality are cut from the same mold, simply using different language to discover humanity's most curious mysteries about life and our perceived material existence.

Ancient teachings of Yeshua are brought to modern light. Do you ever ponder over questions like: What is your life purpose? Why are we here? What does the multidimensional aspect of humanity mean? How can you expand and deepen your awareness and consciousness? How can you lead from the heart in your business and personal life?

For those who are new to the idea that we are "energy beings", then think about it as "whole system" thinking and living to create a healthier and more balanced life. It's really that simple, although we often lose our way when we try to apply that balance to the tougher challenges we get hit with on a regular basis.

Being part of a community whose thinking and interests match your own...or at least match your will, desire, and intention, moves you closer to a life filled with ease, grace, and most importantly, love. JOIN US!

Join Blue Soul IGNITE!™

We hope you will join us to leapfrog your spiritual learning and connection to the next level. For your convenience, we offer two payment options to join our membership community.

Silver Annual Membership: By opting for the Silver Annual Membership, not only do you receive two months for free but you'll also receive access to all seasons of Blue Soul SUMMIT®: Tune into hours of interviews with leading visionaries in the areas of consciousness, spirituality, science, education, the arts, health and more. This powerful library of mind-bending wisdom will transform how you view the world and your role in it. Learn more about the insightful and rich content here: https://www.bluesoulsummit.com. As a silver member, you will also receive discounts on selected courses and workshops as well as early registration to all events, including physical retreats held around the world.

For all members, recorded replays are available if you miss a session, are on a different time zone or simply wish to revisit the teachings to gain deeper insight.

Some of the Benefits & What You'll Discover

The Blue Soul IGNITE!™ membership program is a fit if you’re curious about life and sense, feel or know that there’s something deeper and greater in our universe beyond what we can currently understand. You believe that there’s a more expanded consciousness even if our linear minds can’t fathom it.

JOIN US if you want to play in both the worlds of spirituality and science and be part of a community that is based on oneness and heart-centered living.

Isn’t it time you painted your own life’s canvas rather than being confined by your ancestor’s or other people’s stories?

When you move beyond your conditioning and belief systems about the way life ought to be, you move beyond the rules and fears that block you from stepping into your true potential and power.

Recorded replays are available for members; this is particularly useful for those participating from other time zones. The replays are also great if you miss a session or simply decide to revisit one for deeper teachings and insights.

Annual & Monthly Payment Options:

Silver Annual Membership is only $333 for the entire year, which not only saves you money, but also gives you exclusive member access to the Blue Soul SUMMIT® Library which houses interviews with powerful visionaries in the areas of consciousness, health, spirituality, the arts, science and education. This library is a wealth of rich content of our filmed seasons on various topics; they include interviews with major visionaries, scientists, artists, musicians, teachers, doctors, authors and more, all of whom are serving humanity in profound ways.

Learn more about the topics we have covered and what's on the horizon for upcoming seasons by heading over to https://www.bluesoulsummit.com.

As a member, we meet twice a month via Zoom for guided meditations, live channeling, Q&A, community sharing, and more. Recorded replays are available for all members.

$33.33 per month: This option is for those wishing to pay monthly.

Come on a Journey with Us!
  • Connect into Non-Duality & Oneness: Perhaps you're curious about the non-dual and oneness teachings of ancient mages, sages and masters. Or perhaps you already realize we're interconnected and want to be part of those who have the courage to push the needle forward and make a collective change for good.

  • Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Maybe you’ve been worn down from dogma and yet still believe in something beyond what science can explain or religions have dictated. Despite this inner gnosis, you want to stretch yourself further and deeper into new and unchartered territories. Put another way, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Access to a Committed Community: By joining Blue Soul IGNITE!™, regular practice and connection allows you to not only ignite your soul’s journey but maintain it. Allow your Higher Self to effortlessly move into the driver’s seat of your life, so “it” can drive what each experience should look, feel and even taste like.

  • Bid Farewell to Analysis Paralysis: Maybe you're tired of over-thinking, over-analyzing and relying only on data-driven approaches for the truth. We explore the "inner truth" through experience but also stay rooted in the "here-and-now". We embrace a down-to-earth and grounded form of spirituality that trusts inner-gnosis and noetic wisdom but is balanced by science.

  • Reach New Heights with Knowledge from Other Dimensions: Learn how to access your Higher Self's wisdom & how to tap into its powerful regularly. Some people call it channeling, but in truth, we all channel in our own unique way. What abilities do you already have but wish to deepen? What abilities have you never practiced but wish you could learn? Famous musicians, composers, leaders, artists, masters & teachers all tap into a higher power that Tesla, Einstein and others have spoken of using different ways to explain it. Are you truly tapping into your highest potential? The vibrational resonance of where we play on a daily basis matters. We'll help you tap into that "resonance" for yourself and stay there.

  • Strengthen Connection with Others & Healing Abilities: Yes, that's right, heal, and this has nothing to do with healing in the traditional way. Whether you're a practicing practitioner of the healing arts, or simply curious, you'll have the opportunity to practice these so called unseen abilities on others during our gatherings. You'll discover why distance and time as we have come to be conditioned with our linear minds, are more illusionary than you may have thought.

    Learn how to rise above those illusions and perceptions and use whatever healing abilities you may have to elevate your own awareness and consciousness, as well as for others and even communities. Whether this is of interest for yourself and immediate loved ones or for groups, organizations and even teams in corporations, you'll be amazed at the power of this work.

  • Silver Annual Membership: Receive exclusive access to the Blue Soul SUMMIT® Library, which includes every season we've recorded. Learn, expand and grow. Deepen your consciousess. As a Silver Annual Member, you'll be able to tune into season-after-season of interviews we've done with some of the top thought leaders, teachers, healers and artists across a wide array of disciplines. You'll have back-stage access to their profound wisdom to watch at your convenience.

Your Guides

About Renee & Anthony

As founders of Blue Soul Earth®, Renee & Anthony are dedicated to igniting global consciousness. Together, they teach about heart-centered living and act as vessels for ancient knowledge, wisdom and healing through events, workshops, Study with Spirit® courses, their Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced course and sacred retreats. They are Reiki masters and integrate sound healing, Pranayama breath work and martial arts into their work. Renee and Anthony have spoken at global conferences and events around the world focused on travel, technology and consciousness. They are also authors of six books.

Membership Details

Regardless of where you hail from in the world, you can join a community of like-minded souls who are interested in global consciousness — accelerating your own spiritual journey as well as others.

The teachings cross borders, cultures and belief systems and above else, are founded on our intuitive noetic wisdom, non-dualist thinking and living as well as the interconnectedness of all living things.

We embrace heart-centered living and assisting others in a supportive and sacred container to move beyond the obstacles, blockages and disempowering belief systems that stop from becoming your true Authentic Self.

You see, it's all about learning how to dance with the energies — the full spectrum of them. We never conquer our traumas and shadows; we merely learn how to ride alongside them with grace, so that we may bring in what serves us and release what no longer does.

It's both a Science and an Art. Spirit and Data.

Recorded Replays are available for all members in case you miss a session or want to dive deeper into the teachings.

Here are some of the benefits...
  • Live Channeling via Zoom: Ask the guides — the Ascended Masters, Magdalene, Yeshua, Metatron and Melchizedek, etc. — about consciousness, the soul’s journey, the awakening process, et al. Show up with your most pressing questions.

  • Guided Meditations: Some of who prefer the teachings and channelings wonder why guided meditations are important. Just like break-out rooms help to integrate, the guided meditations help to activate and align energy. Stilling the mind offers us a way to deeper connect to the innate wisdom of our Higher Self. In this stillness, we receive that needed clarity and wisdom.

  • Healing: Energy transmissions and healing from the guides and the collective consciousness from the group is a regular part of the membership gatherings. There are powers in numbers, especially when the vibration is high and attuned, which we work on regularly. As you practice healing, your abilities (and awareness) will grow, which not only benefits your auric/biofield but others as well.

  • Practice & Integrate: Sharing and connecting with others is a way to integrate both the energy and the knowledge. By integration, we mean both the teachings and the energy shifts that occur during the gatherings. People often embark upon a spiritual journey and focus on knowledge but fall short of integrating it, which leads to an endless cycle, only to return to where you started from.

  • Community: We have witnessed the power of community. When like-minded people gather, magic is the seed. The connection expands our heart-center, which has an impact on every other chakra. Transformation happens in this alignment. The impact of a directed and focused collective consciousness looks a bit like this: 2+2 = 2,222.

  • Selected Discounts: Members who opt for the annual membership will receive discounts off selected offerings throughout the year. Preferred discounts are yet another way to continue to expand and grow while staying connected to a supportive community who can help you on your journey.

  • Early Registration: Gold Annual Members will have a chance to register early for online courses and workshops as well as gatherings, circles and retreats held in sacred destinations around the world.

  • Resources: Members will have access to a number of useful resources to help on a spiritual path, such as Book Resources, Recommendations and more.

  • The Energy Body: Included is a downloadable digital version of the Energy Body as channeled and downloaded by the Guides.

  • Audio & eBook of Your Soul SPEAKS: Also included is a copy of Your Soul SPEAKS, which comes as both an eBook as well as a Video/Audio version.

What Others Say

Hear from our community...

Assisted me in breaking new grounds . . .

Dr. Gabriele Hilberg, Ph.D. MFT Psychologist
“Renee & Anthony’s channeling brings forth a celestial energy of unconditional love which assisted me in breaking new grounds. They truly demonstrate their love for humanity by allowing their personalities and egos to step aside so divine energy can come through to uplift & heal.”

Am astonished at what I’ve what I've learned from Renee & Anthony's programs . . .

Dr. Patrick Roney, MD & MBA
"If you're a "Seeker of Truth", or a "learning omnivore", there may come a time when books & seminars no longer resonate like they once did. I’ve been on a spiritual path for decades & am astonished at what I’ve learned from Renee & Anthony’s Study with Spirit® courses & their Blue Soul MASTERS™ program which allowed a deep comraderie to develop with their guides & other participants."

To have questions answered you've been wondering about for a lifetime is so healing . . .

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Ph.D., Vice President of Fortune 500 Company, Analyst & WSJ Best-Selling Author
“To be able to connect directly with Spirit and to have questions answered that you have been wondering about for a lifetime is so healing. I highly recommend anyone who wants a deeper spiritual connection to work with them.”

They make the metaphysical world physical . . ..

Andrew Kippen, Hypnotherapist & Founder, The Subconscious Way
“Working with Renee & Anthony is a wild adventure. They take the metaphysical worlds and make them physical through their channeling. It’s as if your beliefs & faith become physical in the process. Their events and teachings are always a powerful experience.”

Renee & Anthony are inspiring explorers of both the physical & spiritual worlds . . .

Steve Huggins, Technology Entrepreneur & Supply Chain Strategist
“Renee & Anthony are inspiring explorers of both the physical & spiritual worlds. They open our eyes to experiences that we wouldn’t have without their guidance. I have always believed that we are all connected by a higher level of energy and they bring us into contact with it.”

They hold a powerful & safe container for miracles to unfold . . .

Sara Cruse, Singer, Mindfulness Educator & Producer
"The love and presence I feel during their events was palpable. Renee and Anthony hold a powerful and safe container for miracles to unfold. Anthony, in his flow, spoke directly to parts of me that had been waiting to be seen. I feel awakened and amplified, grateful to have been part of such an intimate and spirit guided intention."

Their work supports all walks of life & belief systems . . .

Tariq Jalal, Engineer & Yoga Teacher
"Renee and Anthony create a safe and sacred space for connecting and learning that supports all walks of life and belief systems regardless of where you’re coming from or where you’re at on your journey. Through their channelings, they deliver powerful healing messages that restore, nurture and heal.”

Renee & Anthony are at the Forefront of the Evolution of Spirituality.

Merrily Black, CEO, Connecting Souls International
“Renee and Anthony are at the forefront of the evolution of spirituality. Together, they are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. Both are deeply committed to their path of helping you heal and transform. It is rare to encounter the level of love and service they bring to their work.”

The Channeled Wisdom Supports & Encourages my Spiritual Growth

Lisa Barnett, Speaker & Internationally Recognized Author of The Akashic Records
“Anthony and Renee’s channeling sessions are very empowering and validating. I love attending their circles and workshops as the channeled wisdom and energy support and encourage my own spiritual growth. The messages from our own guides that come through validate feelings we may have about who we are and where we’re from, but have never truly known.”

Their Care & Clarity is a Profound Gift to Humanity...

Sarita Patel, Entrepreneur & Culture Curator
“Their Blue Soul teachings and courses are so desperately needed in our spiritually bankrupt world. Their offerings are connected to Spirit in a way that requires them to accelerate the healing of a broken society through spirit. Their care and clarity is a profound gift to humanity.”

Frequency Asked Questions

  • Who is Blue Soul IGNITE!™ designed for?

    The membership program is a fit if you’re curious about life and sense, feel or know that there’s something deeper and greater in our universe beyond what we can currently understand. You resonate with the idea of unity consciousness and an interconnectedness of all living things even if our linear minds can’t fathom it. Channeling is part of the meetings, so having an open mind and an open heart amplifies the experience. We also do guided meditations and energy attunements as well as sharing and break-out sessions with community members.

    The membership program is also designed for those who are interested in the worlds of both science and spirituality. Our grounded approach doesn't deny one side over the other, but encourages integrating both for harmony and balance.

  • What if I can't make a session?

    If you can't make a session or want to dive deeper into the teachings, then you will have access to this platform, where recorded replays will be available.

  • What about refunds?

    You can cancel anytime if the program isn't for you when opting for the monthly membership. If you opt for the annual membership, it will continue the cycle until the end of the year period. We expect those who do make that year-long commitment, are ready to go to the next level with teaching, channeling, and healing, are likely already familiar with our work, and genuinely want to expand and deepen their spiritual practice for the long haul.

    Please understand that the most profound benefits are from continued work with the guides we channel, the community, the ongoing support, the energy activations, guided meditations, and showing up as often as possible to be in a connected vibrational field of resonance. Questions, please reach out to us - we are here for you. Email us at info @ bluesoulearth dot com.

Join Blue Soul IGNITE!

If you have any questions about our membership, other courses and workshops, or our work, don't hesitate to reach out.

We hope you will join us to leapfrog your spiritual learning and connection to the next level. For your convenience, we offer two payment options to join our membership community.

Silver Annual Membership: In addition to saving money when paying annually, you'll receive exclusive access to additional resources, community support, twice a month live channeling and guided meditations via Zoom PLUS, receive access to all seasons of Blue Soul SUMMIT®; tune into hours of interviews with leading visionaries in the areas of consciousness, spirituality, science, education, the arts, health and more. You will also receive discounts on selected courses and workshops as well as early registration to all events, including the global physical retreats.

Recorded replays available behind a firewall to revisit anytime.